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29 Priory Gardens, Stamford

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Posted: Mon, 03 Jul 2017 15:43 by Mark Bush

Scam Alert - A new fake email claiming to be from BT is attempting to trick victims into automatically downloading Dridex banking malware.

The emails entitled 'New BT bill' contains a link that automatically downloads a malicious file called 'BT bill.zip' once clicked. What makes this scam email unique is the Dridex malware starts downloading without a webpage being opened.

Once installed, the Dridex malware is designed to steal personal information such as usernames and passwords by eavesdropping, with the ultimate goal of getting into bank accounts and stealing cash.

If you receive one of these emails do not click on any links. Instead, go to the BT website directly and log in from there to view your bills. BT would never send you an email with an attachment.

Another scam claiming to be from BT is a call saying they are sending out a new hub as BT has been subjected to a cyber-attack. They then ask you to start your computer and tell you what settings to change. This can also lead to malware being downloaded and result in personal information being stolen. As above, go to the BT website, get a contact phone number for the support team and check any details with them.

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