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Message from the Police on car theft and thieves breaking and entering your house

Message from the Police on car theft and thieves breaking and entering your house

Vehicle Theft - Due to enhanced security features on new cars, and to assist in selling them on, the thieves need to obtain the keys in order to steal them so that they have a quality product. Thieves are breaking into houses to obtain the keys. The most common method is to open an insecure front door with the occupant at home and take the keys from the lock on the other side or conduct a selective search for them.
Another method which is currently being utilised is "lock snapping". This is when thieves snap the barrel within the door (front or rear), in order to gain access to the property. It can be done discreetly within a few short minutes while the occupant is at home in bed.
Follow this advice to prevent becoming a victim of car key burglary:
Lock the door when you are in, or at least do not leave the keys in the lock with the door unlocked.
Do not leave keys in the lock of a door that has a cat flap as thieves can use a "fishing" technique to obtain them.
Move the key rack out of sight
Do not leave keys in sight of the windows or in obvious places.
To prevent snapping, invest in a 3 star "diamond approved" lock barrel. Although they are more expensive, they offer greater protection. Details can be found at the following website regarding lock snapping prevention:
Car owners can also invest in a "Clutch Claw". This device connects to both the clutch and brake, so neither can move or both are pressed simultaneously, resulting in the vehicle being unable to move.
In addition, traditional steering wheel locks are available to buy.
If a vehicle is keyless entry, wallets are available to block an external signal, preventing the keyless entry from being breached. These can be purchased for as little as £2 from the Police Enquiry Desk at Rutland County Council.

Posted: Mon, 15 Jul 2019 15:48 by Mark Bush

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