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Reporting Non Emergency Crime

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Rutland Police Beat Report April 2019

The following crime has been reported to the police over March 2019: -

Burglary Dwelling - Burley, Langham, Ryhall

Criminal Damage - Ashwell, 2 x Cottesmore, Exton

Assault - Greetham, Barrow

Bilking (theft from garage) - 2 x Tickencote

Theft from motor vehicle - 3 x A1, Whitwell, 2 x Langham, 6 x Whissendine, Greetham, Market Overton, Cottesmore

We have seen a spike in theft from motor vehicles which includes commercial vehicles for tools, cars left in scenic locations and number plates stolen from vehicles to be used in crime. We are asking Rutland residents leaving their vehicles to ensure that they are locked and secure when left overnight and that if vehicles are left at scenic locations whilst enjoying the Rutland countryside that no valuables are left inside the vehicle and especially not on display.

We have approached RCC for funding to purchase anti-theft number plate screws to prevent number plates being stolen and will update on the next Report where these can be purchased to prevent further thefts. We are also conducting targeted patrols in identified locations to identify suspects for these offences and am working with several other bordering Police Forces to gather further intelligence.

I would urge local residents to take precautions when parking in isolated locations and consider taking all valuables with you. If you see anything suspicious when you are out and about please call either 101 or 999 or please feel free to contact me

Rutland Police Newsletter

Police launch new on line reporting

Home security is the best way to reduce your chances of being burgled. A lot of burglars are opportunist, they see an open window or other easy point of entry and take their chance.

Things to consider

  • If you are installing new doors and windows get ones that are certified to British Standard BS 7950 (windows) or PAS 24-1 (doors). These standards are subject to change, please see for the latest updates and information
  • Securely lock all doors and windows before leaving the house. It's easy to forget when you're in a hurry, but it's the simplest way for a burglar to enter your home
  • Never leave keys anywhere near the front door, including your letterbox; burglars know where to look
  • A home that looks empty is far more likely to be targeted by a burglar, so it's worth making sure your home looks occupied
  • Use automatic timer-switches to turn on a light and perhaps a radio when it goes dark, even if you are just out for a couple of hours
  • If you're away for a longer period of time, cancel any newspapers or milk deliveries
  • Why not ask a neighbour or relative for help? Could they clear the post away from the door mat and open and close the curtains?
  • Visible burglar alarms are a deterrent there are many to choose from
  • Visibly and permanently marking your belongings helps you and the police identify them if they are stolen. It can also make it more difficult for the thief to dispose of the property
  • Prevent easy access to the back and sides of your home by installing locked gates, 2 metre minimum fencing or walls. Trellis topping also makes climbing difficult
  • Security lighting can be used to make offenders feel vulnerable and observed. Consider using dusk to dawn lighting
  • Fit strong padlocks to shed and garage doors
  • Make sure that passers-by can see the front of your home. Remove and secure items that may be used to break in or climb up such as ladders and garden tools
  • Beware of bogus callers; use your spy hole and a door chain until you have seen their ID and are satisfied you want to let them in
  • Never discuss your security requirements or existing arrangements with a doorstep caller or salesperson
  • Work with your neighbours to keep an eye on each other's security, Neighbourhood Watchgroups are good for this.

Home Security

Force launches online reporting – Online reporting is now live, giving members of the public an additional option to report crimes to us via email. Introducing online crime reporting will allow members of the public to contact us at a time convenient to them and provide a better service when reporting non-emergency crimes.

Driving and mobile phones

Six points and £200 - tough new penalty for mobile use behind the wheel

The four police forces of the East Midlands Operational Support Service (EMOpSS) are supporting a national campaign to raise awareness about tough new penalties for driving while using a mobile phone.

From 1st March 2017, drivers will receive six points on their driving licence and receive a £200 fine. These changes will have a significant impact on young drivers in particular as they risk having their driving licence revoked following a first offence and will require them to retake their test. Motorists will no longer be offered the opportunity to go on a driver awareness course.

It is illegal to use a mobile phone, held in the hand, whilst driving or while stopped with the engine on, it has been illegal since December 2003 but there has been a worrying shift in attitudes to mobile phone use behind the wheel. The RAC surveyed 1,714 motorists and 31% of them said they used a handheld phone behind the wheel compared with 8% in 2014.

Police forces, including the four forces of EMopSS, are working with road safety partnerships and the government during a week long campaign (from Monday 23 January to Sunday 29 January) to increase awareness of the changes to the legislation – the focus of the campaign is mainly on education. A second campaign will run in March which will focus more heavily on enforcement.

Chief Inspector Mark Garthwaite is the lead for roads policing within EMOpSS said;

"We want to draw attention to the risks drivers are taking by using their mobile phone while driving. What is concerning is that drivers aren't just making a phone call they are texting and using the internet as well when they should be concentrating on the road. This campaign is about increasing awareness of the tougher new penalties and we'll be sending messages out on social media throughout the week but officers will also be ticketing motorists who are caught using their mobile phones throughout the EMOpSS region."

Watch out - Fraudsters are getting into property repairs

Payment diversion alert
Fraudsters are emailing members of the public who are expecting to make a payment for property repairs. The fraudsters will purport to be a tradesman who has recently completed work at the property and use a similar email address to that of the genuine tradesman. They will ask for funds to be transferred via bank transfer. Once payment is made the victims of the scam soon realise they have been deceived when the genuine tradesman requests payment for their services.

Protect yourself

  • Always check the email address is exactly the same as previous correspondence with the genuine contact.
  • For any request of payment via email verify the validity of the request with a phone call to the person who carried out the work.
  • Check the email for spelling and grammar as these signs can indicate that the email is not genuine.
  • Payments via bank transfer offer no financial protection; consider using alternative methods such as a credit card or PayPal which offer protection and an avenue for recompense.

If you believe that you have been a victim of fraud you can report it online or by telephone 0300 123 2040.

Unwanted Scam Calls

Please be aware we have received information about a company contacting older people by telephone stating that they are from Age UK, suggesting a discounted insulation scheme. This is NOT Age UK.

Never sign up to anything over the phone.
If you are thinking of having any work done, speak with friends or relatives for recommendations, and get a couple of quotes from different companies to compare costs.

If you receive a lot of unwanted calls, there are a range of call blocking devices available. These allow you to program in telephone numbers of friends and family, but block or screen calls from other callers.

Message from Action Fraud

Action Fraud has received several reports from victims who have been sent convincing looking emails claiming to be from Amazon. The spoofed emails from "" claim recipients have made an order online and mimic an automatic customer email notification.

The scam email claims recipients have ordered an expensive vintage chandelier. Other reported examples include: Bose stereos, iPhone's and luxury watches.

The emails cleverly state that if recipients haven't authorised the transaction they can click on the help centre link to receive a full refund. The link leads to an authentic-looking website, which asks victims to confirm their name, address, and bank card information.

Amazon says that suspicious e-mails will often contain:

  • Links to websites that look like, but aren't
  • Attachments or prompts to install software on your computer.
  • Typos or grammatical errors.
  • Forged (or spoofed) e-mail addresses to make it look like the e-mail is coming from

Amazon will never ask for personal information to be supplied by e-mail.
You can read more about identifying suspicious emails claiming to be from Amazon by visiting

To report a fraud or cyber crime, call us on 0300 123 2040.

Police Virtual Neighbourhood Beats

Neighbourhood Beats - The Force is to pilot two "virtual" neighbourhood beats in a project to boost engagement with the public.Sitting alongside existing physical beats, two "cyber beats" will be created and run by dedicated PCSOs online for a period of three months, using a range of social media communications channels including Facebook and WhatsApp. The one covering Rutland starts on Monday (12 September) and will be operated by PCSO Matt McDade. Facebook: PCSO Matt McDade Twitter:@LPDigitalMatt
The project has a number of aims, key of which are:

  • To increase our accessibility and opportunities for the public to engage with local officers online
  • To reach out to traditionally hard-to-reach groups
  • Increase public confidence and satisfaction with the police
  • Provide opportunities for engagement with people who don't necessarily wish to have face to face contact with an officer.

The project will be overseen by Insp Gav Drummond, Eastern Counties NPA Commander.He said: Society has changed dramatically as a result of new technologies, and for many people their "community" is not particularly a geographic one but something that exists online in a digital street. More and more we conduct a lot of our daily activities online – from banking to shopping and general communication, talking to friends, colleagues and loved ones. Cyber beat will help us to respond to these societal changes and provide a really easy way for people to chat with their local officer. The purpose is not to replace traditional, physical policing in our neighbourhoods, but instead to provide an alternative and additional community service.

Protect your tools in your van

Police in Melton, Harborough and Rutland are urging van drivers not to leave tools in their vehicles overnight.

This comes after an increased number of reports of thefts from vans over the past two weeks.

Sergeant Bec Horsfall, Dedicated Neighbourhood Sergeant for the Melton area said; "We have received a number of reports from across the Melton, Harborough and Oakham area so would encourage van owners to take precautions to reduce their chances of becoming a victim of this type of crime.

"A few simple precautions can make all the difference."

To help protect your property we recommend;

  • Removing all tools from vehicles overnight
  • Parking your vehicle in a garage if you have one
  • Consider alarming the vehicle or fitting an internal security cage
  • If you park on a drive, install security lights
  • Visibly mark your machinery and tools
  • If possible, park your vehicle close to a wall so that the doors cannot be opened
  • Reporting any suspicious activity to us immediately on 101

There have been 12 reported incidents in total which includes both thefts and attempted thefts.

Cold Callers

Three men were recently seen cold-calling at homes, they were offering to clean drives for cash, all three were described as being dressed in scruffy clothes.
Please be aware and do not let cold-callers/strangers into your home.
If you have any concerns about people calling at your home, cold-calling, please call Leicestershire Constabulary on 101

Beware of Spoof Emails

Information sent on behalf of Action Fraud (National Fraud Intelligence Bureau) Be Aware of Spoof Emails Claiming 'Buyer Protection'

Online shopping websites are being utilised by fraudsters to advertise vehicles for sale which do not exist. After agreeing to purchase the vehicle via email with the fraudsters, buyers then receive emails purporting to be from Amazon Payments and/or Amazon Flexible Payment Service stating that their money will be held in an 'escrow account' (a bank account held by a third party, used as a temporary holding account during a transaction between two parties for a 7 day 'cooling off' period). Once happy with the purchase the email indicates the money will be released to the seller, therefore offering 'buyer protection'. In reality these emails are fraudulent and do not come from Amazon. The bank accounts are controlled by fraudsters.

Protect yourself

Remember that Amazon does not provide an escrow account to purchase items. Meet the seller 'face to face' and view the vehicle before parting with any money. Be vigilant of emails that purport to be from genuine companies and check the 'domain' name of the email address for any inconsistencies.

Check feedback online by searching the associated phone numbers or email addresses of the seller.
If the vehicle is below market value consider whether this is an opportunity too good to be true!
If you, or anyone you know, have been affected by this fraud or any other scam, report it to Action Fraud by calling 0300 123 2040 or visiting

Message sent by

Action Fraud (Action Fraud, Administrator, National)