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October Newsletter

Hi everyone

Our harvest festivals this year have all now been and gone and many thanks to all those who decorated our churches and donated food parcels and produce. I arrived back from holiday in Norfolk a few weeks ago and just happened to call in on Tickencote church on the way up the A1. My spirits were lifted by the many arrangements of harvest decorations in the church including a baked sheaf of corn made by young Toby Selby. His master bake off was complete with two harvest mice with clove eyes.

Our theme for this year's in Great Casterton was Water and raising awareness of all the great work carried out by the charity Wateraid. Nothing grows or matures without the presence of water. Including us, and there are many communities around the world where fresh, clean water is difficult to obtain. Water is one of the important blessings we receive, so may we never take it for granted. We give thanks to Wateraid who bring clean fresh water to remote communities and so change people's lives, forever.

While scanning through various books looking for inspiration on the subject I discovered this lovely poem below, it's called "In Praise of Water" I hope you like the extracts presented here of the various forms water takes.

Let us bless the grace of water
The imagination of the primeval ocean
And emerged to dress the vacant earth
With warm quilts of colour.

The well whose liquid root worked
Through the long night of clay
Trusting ahead of itself openings
That would yield to its yearning
Until at last it arises in the desire of light
To discover the pure quiver of itself
Flowing crystal clear and free
Through delighted emptiness.

The courage of a river to continue belief
In the slow fall of ground
Always falling further
Towards the unseen ocean.

The river does what words would love
Keeping its appearance
By insisting on disappearance
Its only life surrendered
To the event of pilgrimage
Carrying the origin to the end
Seldom pushing or straining
Keeping itself to itself
Everywhere along its flow.

Tides stirred by the Eros of the moon
Draw from permanent restlessness
Perfect waves that languidly rise
And pleat in gradual forms of aquamarine
To offer every last tear of delight
At the altar of stillness inland.

And the rain in the night, driven
By the loneliness of the wind
To perforate the darkness
As though some air pocket might open
To release the perfume of the lost day.

Let us bless the humility of water
Always willing to take the shape
Of whatever otherness holds it
The buoyancy of water
Stronger than the deadening
Downward drag of gravity.

The innocence of water
Flowing forth without thought
Of what awaits it.

The refreshment of water
Dissolving the crystals of thirst
Blessed be water
Our first mother.

Extracts from the book "To Bless this Space Between us" by John O'Donohue ISBN978-0-385-52227-4

God Bless

Revd. Don