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July Newsletter

Hi Everyone,

Have you noticed how time appears to have speeded up during this lockdown period?

As you read this newsletter we will have completed fourteen weeks of social isolation. That's three months in anyone book and during the last few weeks we start to get a glimpse of the main issues which will emerge after lockdown has eased.

The Black Lives Matter campaign highlights well the inequality in our society which must be addressed by politicians of all political persuasions but not just them, us as well, the general public at large. We all need to be Marcus Rashford's and call out injustice and compassion where we encounter it.

But inequality exists not just for people of colour but for the many others who are disadvantaged in our society. The migrant, the immigrant worker the homeless, those on the margins of society who rely on foodbanks, credit relieve charities and social care arrangements. The list is endless.

We too need to play our part in these transformations. Jesus came so that all might have life and have it in abundance. Irrespective of colour, class or creed.

We still have some way to go as a society to achieving that goal but let's be positive and take the position that Lockdown has sharpened our and hopefully our government's focus on where the big issues lie.

As we look ahead to full easement its clear that things will be very different. More folk will work from home, there will be less international travel and our summer holidays may well be taken in the UK rather than more exotic locations.

But equally sad will be the many people in our society who will emerge with employment challenges. Redundancy, reduced hours of work will all raise hardship issues in our communities.

In many ways the return to normality will raise new issues and perhaps deeper concerns for many of people not to mention the future wellbeing of our children.

How do we address these major issues. Well hope in a loving God is one such solution. God loves us so much that He looks after our very need. Jesus tells us to ask for anything in His name and it will be given.

But we also need to play our part. To be positive on the gifts He has given us. Gifts of inventiveness, gifts of enthusiasm, gifts of compassion.

When we embrace these God given gifts then we can change the world for the better and it can start here in our local community.

God Bless

Rev'd Don