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November Newsletter

There are many months in the year which resonate with a particular theme. September is usually associated with harvest, April with planting, December with celebration, January with new beginnings. November however has probably one of the strongest themes in Remembrance. From All Souls day at the beginning of the month followed by Remembrance Sunday on the eleventh. Of course, this year we commemorate the 100th anniversary of the ending of hostilities in WW1. Churches around the country will be holding services, ringing bells and being quiet and respectful with two minutes of silence to remember the fallen. I wonder what your thoughts will be concentrated on during those two short minutes at 11.00am.

For military men and women the remembering will come easier as those who served and died are recalled to memory locally and nationally. But there will also be some hurt there as well. Remembering is difficult business and is not just confined to Remembrance Sunday. Those with clear visions of the incidents when they came under enemy fire remember all the time. It isn't just dusted down on Remembrance Sunday and paraded to church or the war memorial. Many have vivid experiences and emotions can run high perhaps even shed a tear for those we remember with affection.

There is something about Remembrance Sunday that tugs at our heart strings and it's important to have a national day of remembering to emphasise the loss of those who are precious to us. Those who gave their life so that we might enjoy the freedom of today despite all the concerns on Brexit and other uncertainties. Those of us who have never seen action are also called to remember on 11th November. But where will our thoughts drift?

I will be remembering again all those hundreds who died in the Northern Ireland conflict. All the innocents caught up in bomb blasts and drive by shooting. These atrocities are still with us in today's society although the terrorist organisations are different and the causes changed.

So, if you are having difficulty in what to remember during those two minutes of silence, as well as remembering the fallen of yesterday remember also those of today. Remember Borough Market, Westminster Bridge, Kings Cross. The list of incidents is endless but innocent people have still died including those whose job is protecting the public.

Its tempting and easy to stand at the war memorial with a blank mind. So this year let's remember better, with more purpose than we have done in previous years. Above all let's remember the one who Blessed the Peacemakers, Jesus Christ our Lord, for the peacemakers shall be called into his glory as the children of God.

God Bless

Revd. Don